WhinneryMoon Photographics

is Proud to say we

Support Our TROOPS.

A visit from Sgt. Heath Moon (recently deployed to Iraq) has opened my eyes and heart to our men & women of the armed forces and their families

In honor of those special people WhinneryMoon is running a special promotion.

E-mail us a picture of your soldier (has to have no copyright) and we'll digitally alter it to add The American Flag and a photo edge.

. .

Before . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . After

Digital for matte (high res) $6.95


E-mail photos to info@whinnerymoon.com use Military Photo Special for the subject line

(to any Military Family that can't do the $6.95 cost Please E-mail us at above address)

(photos must be in jpeg for matte)

link above is to leave a message to our soldiers

God Bless The USA

special message to Sgt. Heath Moon .......oooooorruuhhhh